My customers are international translation agencies and marketing agencies. Some of them have non-disclosure terms that prevent me from mentioning their names, so you will not find them here, but their head offices are distributed in Europe and the United States.

Until 2019 my firm was called Med & Tech Translation, and the major part of the customers were translation and marketing agencies, but there was also a significant number of small and medium-sized Danish companies and public sector institutions, among others:

Brade Group (website in Danish)

Capital Region of Denmark, Centre for Innovation and Research

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen University Hospital

DAMUSA, now part of Danske Musik- og Kulturskoler (website in Danish)

FK Distribution (website in Danish)

Troels Jørgensen A/S (website in Danish)

A Danish marketing agency:

Sylvester Hvid & Co.

And an international customer:

Inserm, a public biomedical research and health institute in France

Examples of what the customers said:

– Well done! … the overall evaluation was 10 on the scale 1 -10!

English to Danish translation, medical, from a customer’s in-house reviewer

 – Thank you for the help. It is brilliant!

English to Danish translation, consumer goods

– I was very pleased with your translation, which has definitely added value and made it all look professional.

Danish to English translation, technical

– A very good professional translation…The overall quality of the Danish text is equal to or better than the English source.

English to Danish translation, medical

– Thank you. This is terrific!

English to Danish translation, technical and finance