About me

I have been working within a wide range of fields until I became self-employed as translator in 2009. I was in the UN for ten years as an office employee at the Supply Division of UNICEF. My experience also comprises three years as an in-house translator with Ad Hoc Translatørservice (now AdHoc Translations), and employment as a Danish language consultant for Top-Toy, which was Scandinavia’s largest toy distributor and retailer.

I have an MA in English with specific focus on translation for special purposes (cand. ling. merc.) from Copenhagen Business School.  To focus more on marketing and Danish copy writing, I took an associate’s degree in Danish linguistics and corporate communication from the University of Southern Denmark in 2003.

I was a state-authorised Danish translator and delivered certified translations from English into Danish and from Danish into English until the Danish parliament abolished the concept in its previous form with effect from 2016.

CV: Karenlise Nielsen

About my firm

I registered my firm under the name Karenlise Nielsen with start in June 2019. Previously, my firm was called Med & Tech Translation. It existed under that name from September 2009 to July  2018 (formal closure by 31 December 2018). I started Med & Tech Translation with a focus on freelance translation within medical and technical subject fields – hence the name. Gradually, I moved on by establishing a small database of other freelance translators and by working for local Danish companies and public sector institutions as well as Danish and international translation agencies. However, in 2018 I wanted to do something else and became employed as a translator in a translation agency.

But it is more fun to be your own boss. So I re-opened the firm and changed its name to Karenlise Nielsen.

I cooperate with other translators and proofreaders, who assist me in delivering top quality. This means that you can also get English to Danish translation of high volumes or English to Danish translation by one translator and proofreading by another translator.