Looking for a Danish writer or translator?

Specialised in adaptation of marketing copy

Life science, pharmaceuticals, environment and climate, public infrastructure, construction, chemistry, IT and telecommunication are some of the areas that I cover. Text for your website, press releases, printed adverts, fact sheets and other documentation is translated and localised efficiently and professionally. I adapt the translation to ensure that it conveys your message to the Danish reader.

Knowledge of your subject area

One of the key aspects of technical and scientific texts is the terms. I always carry out thorough research to make sure I understand the source text and find the best terms. I have long experience in finding the correct terminology and checking that it is used consistently throughout the text. And if there is anything I am in doubt about, I will contact you.

Linguistic expertise

Grammar and spelling must of course be correct, and even when everything is spelled correctly, all grammar rules are observed and the punctuation is perfect, it will not be not enough. To reach the future customers, the text must be adapted to local conditions and to the style of the readers you want to attract. So I take concepts like target group, style and tone just as seriously as grammar and spelling. This ensures that you will receive a text that looks as if it was originally written in Danish in a style that the Danish readers in the target group are confident with.