Technical and Scientific Language

Technical and scientific language is the language used in text within scientific subject areas or text that deals with the practical application of science and technology. Translation of technical language is not as easy to handle as it may appear because the terminology must be correct and at the same time, the text must be well-written, so it is easy to read.

I use methods and tools that ensure you will receive a text where the technical content is correct in Danish, and which is phrased in a way that makes it easy to read for the target group. I have developed the methods over the years on the basis of extensive experience with translation of technical language.

In addition, I use online dictionaries, reliable professional resources and special translation software to ensure that the technical terms in the translation are those commonly used within the subject area, and that they are the same throughout the text.

The tools and the methods are also a help in quality assurance  and provide an extra safety for you, so you can be assured that all the details have been checked when you receive the translation.